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Products and Services

Membership and Networking

We help ensure that your federation is actively linked to helpful friends and partners. We constantly strengthen Cooperation among Co-operatives, forge partnerships, and seek out opportunities for collaboration.

Central Fund

Save, borrow and invest in your federation through our premium-packaged, innovatively-designed and competitively-priced savings and loans products.

Information and Communication Technology

We harness the power of technology to give you the maximum benefits of connectivity and efficiency in real time.


We work with you towards helping your co-operative become sustainable and ACCESS-branded

Institute of Co-operative Studies

We are passionate about molding you to be geniune co-operators, moving towards the growth of one strong co-op movement.

Research and Development

We are passionate about our growth as federation just as we are passionate about you. We will back this up with useful and timely information and data to aid in decision making.

KOOP Diaryo

An official publication of MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center